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AN Swivel Hose Ends

Connect your oil, gas or other fluids easily and securely. offers aluminium hose ends of superior quality. We have in stock hose ends for your rubber and PTFE (Teflon) hoses. Choose the right angle to best fit your engine bay and make your project look professional!

Swivel Hose Ends Rubber Hose

Aluminium hose ends for nylon or stainless steel braided rubber hose.

AN4, AN6, AN8, AN10

Swivel Hose Ends PTFE (Teflon) hose

Swivel aluminium hose ends for PTFE (Teflon) stainless steel braided hose.


Racing exhaust parts.

Fittings & Turbo

Aluminium fittings for turbo, gas, oil, etc


Other performance parts like brake line lock and accessories.

Braided Hoses

Braided hoses to use with the hose ends. We have stainless steel and nylon braided hose with rubber hose and stainless steel braided hose for PTFE (Teflon).

Push Lock Fitting

Push lock fittings are used for oil, coolant, airline and other fluid that are not under a lot of pressure. They must be used with rubber hoses.

Full Flow Fittings

Our full flow hose end fittings are the best option for an amazing look at very affordable price. Full flow fittings are different than regular ones by having a outside shell that give it the "full flow" look.

It has the same performance than regular fittings, but they look much better!