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About Us

Welcome to RacingZone!

At RacingZone our top priority is fast delivery of quality parts so you can finish your car project faster. How many time did you order inexpensive parts from China and waited 30 days or more to get it to your door? All that time wasted and in the end the part might not fit like you want and you need to order again and wait another 30 days. You then realize that summer is over and your still haven't finished your project!

We know that because at RacingZone we also build cars. So many time we have been stuck to a portion of the project because the parts coming from China took forever to arrive. You start looking at Amazon, but the prices are ridiculously high. You might also have looked at eBay and get your part shipped from USA, but then you pay a lot for shipping currency conversion and possibly customs. For that reason, at RacingZone we only ship to Canada and USA can keep their expensive parts!

Our goal is to help people build their cars faster and at a good price.