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  • 100% New Style and Brand
  • Stainless steel valve assembly for the ultimate in corrosion control
  • The electric coil is fully enclosed in epoxy for reliability
  • The finned housing not only looks good but helps to dissipate heat
  • Wide, lightweight base for better mounting stability
  • Easily serviced in the field
  • Includes an extra threaded port for brake line pressure gauge


These evil energy line lock kits are used for drag racing to lock the front tires of the car. This decreases the chance of your car rolling through the lights before it's time. Also locking the front wheels produces a more efficient burn-out to heat up your tires. Extensive testing has shown a 10-millisecond release time with vibration resistance up to 30-G's with no mechanical failure. On the street or off-road, the evil energy line lock can also be used as a temporary electronic parking brake when both the clutch and brake are needed at the same time. Kits allow you to lock your front or rear brakes at will.


This launch control is a sophisticated device that installs into your existing brake system. The easily installed solenoid provides the brake holding capacity you are looking for. It can be used for racing or for street applications if you need a hill holder while stopped on an uphill grade. This high quality solenoid can be used on the front brakes of your vehicle. It can handle pressure spikes up to to 3000 PSI line pressure. Include light and switch.


Control to make the front and rear brakes synchronized. Hold the brake pressure to the front or rear brakes to hold the vehicle on a hill or the starting line at the drags. Easy to do a burn out by locking the front tires and releasing the back brakes with this system. Works with 12 - 24VDC electric systems.


Application Summary:

Used in Drag racing to positively lock the front wheels, producing a more effective burnout.